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Charge reviews that covers the Polk County location are professionally compiled by the Northwest Crime Examiner. These reports are for regional buy cheap essays online uk news purposes. PCSO View all 20 images The following may be the Polk County charge survey for Thursday May 7, 2015. The report includes a comprehensive set of arrests, data regarding connection data, previous arrests and accessible inmate pictures. All information is purchased from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office unless specified otherwise. The next persons billed and were arrested with the violations the following. Click the embedded links within each record to look at the whole previous arrests survey. Links to arrests ahead of 2009 won’t be integrated. James Alexander, 39, of Cedartown was arrested over a hold for Paulding County.

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Brice Allen Bowman, 32, of Cedartown priced with person of meth, ownership and usage of drug-related things and was imprisoned, control of weed violation. Bowman stays at this publication’s time in custody. View also (4/7/2014) Jordan Bridges of Cedartown was caught on two matters failure to surface in magistrate judge. Connections was released exactly the same evening after paying $822 cash. Maxwell Branton, 38, of Cartersville was arrested on the hold for County. Ayunna Brown of Rockmart was caught over a cause for violation. Brown remains at the time of this newsletter in custody. View also (2/6/2014) Carrie Brown of Cedartown incurred and was charged with control of pot and control, control of meth and usage of drug-related materials. Brown stays in custody during the time with this guide.

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100 happen to be fixed. Neil Carroll, thirty, of Cedartown was caught and priced with ownership of instruments used for offense, felony theft’s commission loitering and by using. Carroll stays in custody at this publication’s time. House securities totaling $7,100 have been established. View also (3/15/2015) Kevin Lewis-Clark of Rockmart was imprisoned on the warrant for violation. Clark remains in custody at the time with this distribution. View also (3/10/2015) Michael Crunkelton of Silver Creek was caught on breach of a good behavior connection and a cause for disappointment to look.

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Crunkelton remains in custody during the time of this distribution. Income bonds totaling $1,865 have been set. Bob Harrington of Rockmart was imprisoned and priced with possession of meth, drug related items, loitering, felony theft by possession and acquiring of instruments used for crime’s payment. Harrington remains in custody during the time with this book. 100 happen to be established. View also (4/7/2014) Macy Adam of Rockmart was busted on the guarantee for violation. David remains in custody at that time of this book. View also (6/25/2014) William Michael Kay of Rockmart was busted on four counts disappointment to seem.

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Kay remains in custody at this publication’s time. View also (9/2/2014) Probation and Tamar Michelle Latimore of Rockmart was imprisoned over a cause for inability to appear violation. Latimore stays at this publication’s time in custody. View also (8/29/2012) Tamara Neal of Cartersville billed and was charged with possession of property and pot of a plan IV material that was controlled. Neal stays in custody at that time with this newsletter. Home securities totaling $2,100 happen to be fixed. With operating without a valid permit Dee Ruben of Rockmart was caught and charged. Ruben premiered on 5/8 after placing a $1,410 house relationship.

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Wesley Shanks, 29, of Cedartown charged and was arrested with possession of meth felony robbery by using, property of control and marijuana and usage of drug related items. Shanks was launched on 5/10 after posting residence ties totaling $17,200. View also (2/4/2015) Wherever he’s charged with first degree theft and criminal trespass, Preston Heart Shooks, 21, of Cedartown was imprisoned over a hold for Floyd District. See also (7/15/2014) Jason Tucker of Cedartown was arrested on a guarantee for probation violation. Tucker stays at this publication’s time in custody. See also (6/7/2014) Austen Weaver, thirty, of Cedartown was busted on a guarantee for failure to look. Weaver premiered on 5/8 after spending $1,240 income. See also (6/4/2014) With operating on hanging license, hanging tag and disappointment to change data within 60 days of address change, John West of Rockmart was caught and charged.

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West remains during the time of this distribution in custody. Residence ties totaling $4,495 have now been fixed. The charge reports in this listing don’t replicate the particular guilt or purity of the person or individuals stated. All functions are assumed innocent until they are tested not innocent in a court of regulation. Fee or its not all arrest results in a certainty. An acquittal or a conviction will undoubtedly be based on the court system.


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